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Cornerstone Creative Studios  is looking for team oriented individuals that would be interested in joining something bigger than themselves...

Conventions and Sightings

Come by MegaCon on May 26-29, 2016 and meet the creative minds behind just some of the quality titles in the works from Cornerstone Creative Studios!


In attendance will be: Paris Cullins, Jesse Hansen, Andrew Cosson, John Jax Jackman and more...

Cornerstone Creative Studios 
• Paris Cullins 
(legendary comic artist: Blue Devil, Batman etc..)
• Jesse "Cadre" Hansen
(founder/artist/agent for Cornerstone)
• Andrew Cosson 
(artist/creator Necronaut and more)
• John "Jax" Jackman 
(co-owner of Megatonn3D and creator/artist for CCS)

Get prints signed by the writers and creators themselves!

Look up our members from the Cornerstone Creative Studios! 

We appreciate your support there AND here in our efforts to bring quality product in your direction!

By contributing to this fund, you help us be able to branch out and visit the different shows, spreading our outreach to many fans across the country... we thank you.



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