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Cornerstone Creative Studios  is looking for team oriented individuals that would be interested in joining something bigger than themselves...

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Mission Statement

Cornerstone Creative Studios is a comic book publisher and talent organization with over 40 years of experience and professional credits under our collective belts at comic book and gaming companies that include Marvel, DC, Image, Disney, Games Workshop, Capcom, Blizzard, Wizards of the Coast and more, we have seen and done about everything there is to do in the comic book industry. We have now set our sights on publishing our own line of innovative superhero titles that serve to break down barriers and expose readers to a new type of storytelling.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Report from Megacon 2016!
This year marked the first year under new management... I gotta say, they did a heck of a job with bringing in a GREAT lineup, the number of artists and celebrities in attendance were phenomenal and the courtesy and attention as well as just overall handling of the crew and management was EXCELLENT... I was honored to be part of this show and look forward to many others... special shout outs to two of their teams... Kevin Boyd and Constance Eza.
We had a great show and the reaction we received from folks checking us out were excellent and very very positive. After a brief explanation of the direction and goals of our Cornerverse world in the making, people were ready to sign up right then and there, loved it. It really invigorates the spirit when you see people excited about the hard work you and your crew put into something.
Now, I'm back home and re-invigorated, excited and pumped to produce hopefully some of the best new stuff I can for everyone... both with the freelance work, the commission work (got a lot of catching up to do in that regard) as well as the new Cornerstone Creative Studios stuff.
Was also great to hook up with fellow studio members, John Jax Jackman,Andrew Cosson,David A RiveraChris L LesleyAustin Janowsky and Javier Lugo, and I was able to finally meet Jim Sanders III ... sadly, Paris Cullinswasn't able to make the show and I wasn't able to touch base with Roland Mann... but things happen and we'll shoot for other shows for sure.
I was very delighted to do a number of sketches and commissions while at the show... always love seeing what people have in store for me... and to see what I can produce under the time frame.
One such commission was a Judge Dredd 11x17 ink piece (shown here).

Monday, May 23, 2016

MEGACON UPDATE!!! This weekend... FOUR Day Show!
It‘s official folks! Cornerstone Creative Studios will be there in full effect... 
Come by P10, P42, A297, PR2, PO4 and A263 and see what the Cornerstone Creative Studios has in store for ya. Get artwork, sketches, books, commissions, prints and sneak peaks into what we are working on... PLUS even giving Portfolio reviews on Thursday and Sunday!

Come see us at the following locations...
Jesse Hansen P10  •  Austin Janowsky P42  •  Andrew Cosson A297  •  Javier Lugo PR2  •  Jim Sanders III PO4  •  Paris Cullins P10  •  Roland Mann A263

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cornerstone Creative Studios @ Atlantic City Boardwalk Con May 13-15th

Surprise announcement! 

CCS will be attending Atlantic City Boardwalk Con- YEAR 2: May 13-15 this Friday through Sunday (May 13th-15th). In attendance will be Creative Director and Writer of American Eagle from Cornerstone Creative Studios and Victor Champion, Daniel Horowitz and Writer of Striking Swan from Cornerstone Creative Studios and author, Alex Schnee. Also in attendance will be legendary DC Artist Paris Cullins
Check out our booth in Atlantic City this weekend to take a look at some of our awesome prints and preview books. We hope to see you there!
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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Come See Us at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida

Come by MegaCon on May 26-29, 2016 and meet the creative minds behind just some of the quality titles in the works from Cornerstone Creative Studios!


In attendance will be: Paris Cullins, Jesse Hansen, Andrew Cosson, John Jax Jackman and more...

Cornerstone Creative Studios 
• Paris Cullins 
(legendary comic artist: Blue Devil, Batman etc..)
• Jesse "Cadre" Hansen
(founder/artist/agent for Cornerstone)
• Andrew Cosson 
(artist/creator Necronaut and more)
• John "Jax" Jackman 
(co-owner of Megatonn3D and creator/artist for CCS)

Get prints signed by the writers and creators themselves!

Look up our members from the Cornerstone Creative Studios! 

We appreciate your support there AND here in our efforts to bring quality product in your direction!

By contributing to this fund, you help us be able to branch out and visit the different shows, spreading our outreach to many fans across the country... we thank you.



Cornerstone Creative Studios launches pre-release for shared universe with writing crew and Comic Pro Artist Paris Cullins

Here is a peek at the 2nd annual Bangor Comic & Toy Con in Maine April 8th-10th! Big thank you to Chad's Attic who interviewed our studio crew!

Comic Legend Paris Cullins talked comics past, current, and future! Here is a personal look into his amazing and lengthy comic career including video games, mainstream comic books, and our exciting new shared comic universe from Cornerstone Creative Studios! This man was amazing all weekend and he put the 'Bang' in 'Bangor'!

Here is a link to the episode which includes the stop at our table!

~Ryan Tyler Palmer Writer/Project Manager/Promotions @Cornerstone Creative Studios


Coming Soon From Cornerstone Creative Studios...
The Cornerverse!