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Cornerstone Creative Studios  is looking for team oriented individuals that would be interested in joining something bigger than themselves...

Monday, February 6, 2017


Cornerstone Creative Studios is looking for team oriented individuals that would be interested in joining something bigger than themselves. People that want to work on projects that have purpose and meaning behind them.

Hello, I’m Jesse “Cadre” Hansen and I represent a studio of talented and experienced sequential artists. We have well over 40 years of experience and professional credits under our collective belts. We’ve worked with comic book and gaming companies large and small including Marvel, DC, Image, Disney, Games Workshop, Capcom, Blizzard, Wizards of the Coast and many more. Over the years we’ve have seen and done just about everything there is to do in the comic book industry.

Our members have extensive experience and knowledge in regards to illustration and sequential art… we also have members versed in the art of animation, line arts, merchandising and even toy making experience. The studio contains both long time veterans and up and coming talented youngsters, which helps us branch out to all age categories and tastes. Many of us have had our own independent endeavors as well in owning our own businesses outside of the entertainment industry, thus expanding our knowledge and experience in the business world.

We are Cornerstone Creative Studios.

I've been published in over 60 comics, magazines and periodicals including Cracked Magazine myself as well as being a professional Commercial Artist since 1994. I would like to know more about this opportunity and what it entails.

That being said and without further delay... here's our portfolio link to look over, hoping you like what you see and we may work together in some capacity very very soon.


Q: What do I gain from being part of CCS?
A: At start of membership, you are provided a personal company email address, an online portfolio in which you have full control of, an inside look into what we’re building and working on. You also get to be part of the ground floor. We are currently finishing up the paperwork for becoming a full fledged 501cc Corporation which will allow us much needed flexibility and outreach capabilities. We are in negotiations with multiple potential investors whom will help support our endeavors of publishing our own projects AND getting paid to do so. Membership also ensures that when opportunities are presented to us for employment, those opportunities go first and foremost to our in house studio members prior to outsourcing. We look after our own.

Q: How are payments arranged and what percentage does the studio take?
A: Two fold question there, IF the studio provides the client to the artist or creative team, and the studio handles all the paperwork and negotiations, then the studio only receives 10% of total contract. Many times however, the studio waives that right and allows the creative team member to be paid in full, and only receives what the creative team member wishes to donate for the services rendered. A lot of that depends on agreement between agent and creative team member and amount of work involved for the studio to make the deal happen.
Also, you are free to acquire and manage your own freelance accounts and jobs at your leisure… you are not obligated to offer anything acquired on your own.

Q: Do I get paid for doing in house studio work?
A: As we progress, we’ll be much more flexible and forthcoming with pay in regards to inhouse projects, however at this time in our infancy stage, a lot of studio members are putting in their time and abilities voluntarily… understanding that once the projects they are part of are funded, they will not only be receiving pay for the work they are to do on said project but also back pay for the work they have already done on their particular project(s).

Q: Do I get paid anything for the prints or merchandise sold that I had part in?
A: Yes, how we manage that is that when prints are sold in which a creative team member had part in (ie: pencils or inks etc…), then a percentage of each sale is put aside and deposited into the studio account. At the end of each month, those percentages are tallied and then distributed to the creative team members involved in products sold.

Q: Are there potential arrangements where I could own part of the projects I’m working on for in house titles? How are we paid when it comes to in house projects?
A: Another multiple part question pertaining to a singular entity (in house titles)

All in house titles at this time are going be either investor funded OR kickstarter driven and backend... but I have three possible scenarios that interested parties can take part in... three different scenarios/choices that can be taken...

They are as follows:
these are the multiple approaches we can take in our little partnerships... will also email to the email of your choice…

1. Purely backend by way of Kickstarter campaign. Prior to campaign, would need at least six pages finished and ready for presentation... would also need promotional pieces done and "awards" for contributors that pledge for us to meet our goals.

2. A limited collaborative effort where we would work out a lower per page rate but offer a percentage of sales from the book to more than make up for lesser per page rate.

3. A true contributed collaborative effort where the pay would come from percentages of sales of books, prints, promotional and marketing tools, including, merchandising.
All of these would be via kickstarter and would be paid after successful campaign and depending on which route you would be willing to take, I would make up an agreement along with a non-disclosure agreement (both would need to be completed)

I believe all of these are very fair and up front. I don't believe in people working for free, but I also understand the nature of the business and also feel that if people have something vested and is worthy of working on, it can only come out great and that's all we expect from this studio... greatness!

Any other questions, by all means… let me know and I’ll answer best I can for you.

Thanks for taking the time to even read all this first of all and secondly, potentially considering it.

Interested parties send portfolios to:
We screen all submissions through the submissions department to ensure your talent and styles are what we're looking for and in standing with what we perceive as the right fit.

Thanks again for taking time out of your busy schedules... hope to hear from you and perhaps as stated before working with you soon.


  1. Hello. I just want to make sure I understand this post. Creators will pay a monthly fee to be a part of CCS. Correct? And if so, what does CSS promise to do for the creatives? Will they rep the artists, provide work appropriate to the style required, and legally represent the artist in any negotiations?

    1. Sorry, JUST seen your comment... no, members if approved and brought in pay nothing, they work both for the studio in some respect or for clients... they are NOT held hostage or exclusive to our studio alone, however we expect our members to represent themselves professionally which in turn reflects upon the studio that we hope they help in different ways, promotion, skills applied, feedback etc...

    2. Unless they are posting bigoted statements online, then Jesse just says "too bad" and ignores it.

    3. to Giant Squid's question, so if I work for CCS studio and for CCS clients, what am I getting in exchange for my "helping" as you put it?