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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

New crowdfunded tabletop RPG setting from an established writing team.


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New Bristol is both a campaign setting and a campaign in its own right. The intention behind this project is to introduce a unique city into your player’s campaign via the introductory adventure, making it a unique setting, perhaps even the base of operations for your players.

Superheroes are defined not just by their powers or their rogues’ gallery of villains but also by their surroundings. Superman wouldn’t be the same character without Metropolis, and putting Batman into Cleveland just wouldn’t work. A hero’s city is as much a defining characteristic of the hero and their struggle as their powers.

In a comic, the city generates plotlines at a hero, generates supporting characters, and builds the drama. New Bristol will help you bring that to your roleplaying experience. Building on the legacy of fictional cities, New Bristol draws upon the heritage and history of comic book cities, drawing inspiration from such notable towns as:

  • Gotham
  • Metropolis
  • Helium
  • Star City
  • Astro City

New Bristol is more than just cookie-cutter cosmopolitan set dressing. It will be a unique experience for RPG players and Gamemasters alike. Many many roleplaying games feature their own unique urban settings such as:

  • Paragon City
  • Night City
  • Freeport

The New Bristol setting will contain a plethora of information for every kind of Game Master can take advantage of. The city itself will have 8 distinct districts each with its own unique flavor, just waiting to be explored! The city has a deep history centered around the Great Lakes located in the USA.

A full adventure will be placed into the book, as a way to introduce your players to New Bristol. In addition to that dozens of plot lines that will impact the heroes of the world have been sprinkled around the setting. Let’s not forget the various number of NPCs, waiting around every corner for players to interact with. Players will have access to all kinds of new equipment that was found across the void.

The campaign book once funded should sit at around 110 pages in length. As the campaign progresses both the format and length of the book will change. Ultimately, we wish to provide a larger, longer book, with an assortment of ready to play adventures.

We have produced similar sized books in 2-3 months which were for the Rebel Minis Dark Hold line. Which included new rules and original art. The scope of this project will be determined by the number of stretch goals unlocked.

Check it out here: